Do You Have a Curious Kid??? – Curiosity Quest Review

Curiosity Quest Review
My children LOVE videos. And learning through video is something we regularly incorporate into our homeschool. Therefore, reviewing Curiosity Quest was a natural for us and we jumped at the chance. I knew it was something the kids were likely to love.

I had never heard of Curiosity Quest so I had to do a little research. On first glance, it looked very interesting and I was intrigued. The DVD Combo Pack – Produce (Mushrooms, Cranberries, Orange Packing) and DVD Combo Pack – Swimmers of the Sea (Sea Turtle Rescue, Penguins, Salmon), which were the episodes that were made available for the review, looked particularly interesting for my kids.

Curiosity Quest is a TV shows aired on PBS stations across the US with the idea to explore topics kids are curious about. Joel Greene is the host of each episode which is a 30 minute show exploring a particular topic of interest. Various topics available include: dolphins, rescue dogs, cranberries, glass factory, and how construction vehicles move. There are approximately 73 topics available on video at the time of this review.

The videos or episodes are geared toward children ages 7 through 14; however, they can easily be interesting to every age group. I know I learned something from the episodes just like my 9 year old and my 4 year old. I even heard my husband say “I didn’t know that” at least once during the viewing of some of the episodes.

Joel, the host of the episodes, is lively and funny and makes the episodes very interesting to every age group. He begins by explaining the topic of interest, takes us on a tour of whatever we are exploring, and interjects fun facts throughout the episodes as well as questions posed to children on the street to break up the episode. The kids found it fun to try and answer the questions he posed and then compare their answers to the answers of the other children on the street that were interviewed in the episode.

Curiosity Quest Review
For the review, we received 2 DVDs containing 3 episodes each. Our first video was DVD Combo Pack – Swimmers of the Sea contained episodes about sea turtle rescue, salmon, and penguins. These were very interesting and the kids did not want to stop at one episode. My son and daughter both liked the sea turtle episode the best. We learned some great fun facts about the sea turtles, penguins and salmon and explored a salmon hatchery, a sea turtle rescue and release hospital, and a penguin habitat.

Curiosity Quest ReviewThe second DVD we received was DVD Combo Pack – Produce. We learned about cranberries, mushrooms, and orange packing. It was fascinating to learn about how cranberries are harvested and shipped as well as other interesting facts about mushrooms and orange packing. The kids liked the episode about the cranberries the best from this group. Though they are all, without a doubt, fun and interesting. At the end of each episodes, Joel asks the kids “what are you curious about” and tells them to email him to send him on a quest. My daughter wanted to do this right away. She was full of ideas. I thought this was interesting and considered this a great way to get conversations going and find out more of what sparked her interest that this type of video brought out in her. My son asked to watch the episode about the sea turtles again and again. He loved seeing them swim around and eat.

Curiosity Quest Review

The videos are available to purchase on the website for $19.95 per episode and there are a few bundled DVDs like the ones we received to view. The Swimmers of the Sea DVD mentioned above is available for purchase on the website for $24.95 and the Produce DVD mentioned above is available for purchase on the website for $24.95 as well. Of course, shipping and handling is additional.  Also, there is a homeschool option to received 2 DVD per month for $24.95 payable by month or annually, which I thought would be a great science curriculum.

This is an excellent DVD. Filmed well, interactive and fun for every age. This would be an excellent addition to any science curriculum or just additional viewing for the family to learn more these fun topics. My kids, ages 4 and 9, loved the videos and so did I. I am so happy we found Curiosity Quest!

If you are interested in finding out more about Curiosity Quest, be sure to check them out on their website and their social media pages.


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The Importance of your Kids Helping Around the House

kids chores clipartWhether you have one or many children, if the kids are helping around the house they aren’t just helping you but they are acquiring lifelong skills that will help them as they get older. This is important for every mom and dad to realize. And yes, my Type A personality sometimes just wants to “get it done” and not work with my youngster on the task at hand but taking some time to help my kids learn to do a task and help around the house helps in many ways besides getting the room clean or the laundry put away.

Life-Long Skills

Doing chores or helping around the house helps a child build lifelong skills that are important to their success. They learn to function outside your home. Helping you cook develops math skills (measuring), critical thinking (following directions and substituting and doubling recipes), and just plain culinary skills. What mother isn’t proud and less anxious knowing their child will be able to take care of herself or himself and their future families because they can cook, clean, and do the laundry properly.


Being able to help around the house develops self-confidence in your children. Your children will feel better about themselves when they can complete a task and know that it was done to your satisfaction. They will feel good about fixing your breakfast in the morning, doing their own laundry, or helping care for the baby. As the kids get older, they will develop a heightened sense of confidence when they know that they can take care of the house or the car or budget. All these things can be taught at home by helping mom and dad buy the groceries, change the car oil, and fix a broken door jam.

Sense of Accomplishment

Your little one will develop a sense of accomplishment as he successfully cleans up the playroom or helps you rake the leaves in the yard. Having the kids weed the garden helps them feel a part of the bigger picture of growing the vegetables and providing for the family and they will feel very accomplished that they were able to weed the garden successfully. A sense of accomplishment is important to continue to be motivated to help and feel confident to do it themselves later.

Sense of Purpose

Another things that can be developed by the kids helping around the house is their development of a sense of purpose. Knowing they have duties can give them a sense of knowing what they need to do to be a part of the family – a contributing part of the household.  Giving them chores and duties to help out is a way to develop a child’s sense of purpose. And as the kids get older, they will continue to have this sense of purpose and this will translate into their own homes someday.

There are many reasons to have your children help around the house, the least not being that they should. But imagine all the other reasons that they should help around the house and why you should enforce them helping around the house. Remember – they aren’t just getting their chores done but they are learning valuable skills to help throughout the rest of their lives.

What chores do your kids do around the house?

5 Days of Spring Schooling – #3 Spring Storytime

child readingThere are many stories and books available for reading about spring that make spring a fun time for a trip to the library for some new books. If you are heading to the library, why not pick up some fun spring stories for some outdoor story time this week.

Here are some suggestions for every age group:



Ten Little Ladybugs by Melanie Gerth

Little Bee by Klaartje van der Put

Home for Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown


The Windy Day by Ann Milbourne

Miss Spiders Tea Party by David Kirk

The Nest is Best by P.D. Eastman


A Shimmer of Butterfly by Joni Phelps Hunt

How Flowers Grow by Emma Helbrough

How Does the Sun Make Weather by Judith Williams

Teen/High School

The Things with Wings by Gregory J. Holch

Flower Fables by Louisa May Alcott

The Sun: The New Solar System by Robin Birch

What’s your favorite Spring Time book to read? We would love to hear about it so we can add it to the list.

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