Latin Lapbook – Classical Conversations Cycle 3

++++Update: The below blog where I originally found this lapbook is no longer blogging nor available. I in the process of putting together my own Latin lapbook that I will share soon.++++ (08/14/14)

As we continue on our review of our Latin vocabulary of the year and integrate it with our Prima Latina, I decided that this Latin Lapbook for Cycle 3 memory work that I found would be just the right way to add a little spice to our Latin vocabulary.

If you read the blog, you know that Avarie loves lapbooks! The cutting, the pasting, the designing, even the writing (most of the time) makes it fun for her I would guess they are only get more elaborate as she starts to make more decision about how they are designed. However, for now, I try to incorporate them anytime we can to help add a little fun to the learning.

Over at I found a Free Latin Cycle 3 review lapbook that I thought would be great. So we printed it out and got busy.

It only took a couple of days to get it put together and now Avarie loves to do her Latin review with the lapbook. I plan to go ahead and get some more lapbooks for review as they are working effectively. If you like to lapbook or are looking for a great way to do some review a different way, you may want to try this lapbook.

Click on this link and check out this great Latin Cycle 3 lapbook.

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  1. That looks like an awesome lapbook for Cycle 3. Unfortunately, the blog is no longer up. Do you have another contact online for the gal who shared the latin lapbook?


  1. […] to find free lapbooks, as well as various CC moms who shared their lapbooking ideas (See our post Latin Lapbook Cycle 3). We are looking forward to continuing our lapbooking in Cycle […]

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