Classical Conversations and Lapbooking

Classical Conversations has ended for the year for us, though we are continuing our memory work review and working on our US Geography, which is studied in Cycle 3.  As we are winding down our year, I have begun my planning for next year and Classical Conversations Cycle 1.

We did quite a few lapbooks this year to coincide with CC Cycle 3. Some of the lapbooks were found at Homeschool Share, one of our favorite sites to find free lapbooks, as well as various CC moms who shared their lapbooking ideas (See our post Latin Lapbook Cycle 3).

How happy we were to learn that Classical Conversations was pairing up with A Journey Through Learning (AJTL) to get some official Cycle 1 lapbooks for next year. We have done quite a few AJTL in past (pre-blogging days) and have really enjoyed them. We are certainly looking forward to next year and what AJTL will have to offer to add some lapbooks to our Classical Conversations Cycle 1 studies.

Check out A Journey Through Learning’s website to see their plans for next year’s Classical Conversations lapbooks.

Do you do lapbooking? Are you planning some for your next year?


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  1. We loved the lapbooks by Wisdom and Righteousness. In fact, we’re still finishing up our cycle 3 work and assembling some of the materials this afternoon.

    • We are still finishing up our year. Though CC has been over, we have been doing review, reading some stuff we didn’t get to, and finishing up other geography and history for CC. Science is finished exception for our gardening study. I like that we can keep reviewing at our own pace. Thanks for commenting.

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