Planning out your Next Year with (or without) Classical Conversations

If you are a Classical Conversations family, or thinking about it, you may be in the process of planning out your next school year.  If so, a planner is a great way to help you organize everything.  There are many great planners out there that can help you get things in order.   Below I would like to share some planners to help you get next year in order.

Planning with Classical Conversations

Classical Conversations has its own planners that make planning your year easy for high school.

Here are some great planning pages to help you plan next year Cycle 1 into your school year from Half-a-Hundred-Acre-Woods.

Here is a Core Book by Tanglewood that would work well with any classical model, such as Classical Conversations.

Homeschool Planners (with or without Classical Conversations)

If you belong to Schoolhouse Teachers, which is a great resource, you can get these School House Planners for free including planners for mom, elementary, intermediate and high school planners as well as special needs planners.

Homeschool Planner Plus is available for free here

EduTrack, which is what we use for tracking grades, attendance, and other miscellaneous homeschool necessities, has a planner inside its software that will let you plan your whole year for each child.

There are several other homeschool printables for tracking and planning such as this free one or this free one.

We are using The School House Planners from Schoolhouse Teachers this year. I am usingthe comprehensive planner for household planning as well as school for both children and my 2nd grader will be using her own primary planner this year to help with managing her time and assignment throughout the week.

What will you be using this next year for your planning and tracking?


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