4 Ways to Combat Spring Fever

spring flowersSpring is in full swing and summer is right around the corner. I don’t know about you, but we still have some school to wrap up. But how do you stay focused with that big ball of sunshine hovering overhead?

Doesn’t your homeschool have a case of Spring Fever? you know what I’m talking about. Those longing eyes staring out the window, the lack of motivation to complete schoolwork, the difficult getting the day going?

Here are 4 suggestions on how to combat Spring Fever, embrace the weather, and still get school accomplished.

#1 – Start Your Morning with a Walk
If your weather is warm enough, start your day with an after-breakfast walk. Getting some fresh air and some exercise can get the mind working and the blood pumping. Plus, why keep all that weather on the other side of your double-paned windows?

#2 Break Up the Day
Start your morning with the harder subjects and get them out of the way. Then take a break. Do something fun and outside, if possible, before coming back in to the other subjects. Breaking up the day with fun outdoor break time can make the day go faster.

#3 Have a spontaneous Field Trip Day
In the Spring we like to take a mid-week fieldtrip to break up the week and get out of the house. After a winter of practically hibernating, getting out of the house more often is a welcomed change. Plus, who said all the learning has to at the house?

#4 Move class outdoors
I can’t emphasize this enough. There is NO reason not to have class outside from time to time. Barring severe allergic reactions to pollen and grass I suppose. But getting outside for some of your subjects is a great way to embrace the weather AND get things done. If there is reading to do, whether it is a classic literature book you are reading aloud to the kids or a time for the older ones to read science or economics for themselves, why not do so in a hammock, treehouse, deck chair or on a blanket under the tree in a park. You might even find you do some exploring after your are finished with your work and find you aren’t even counting the house until the end of the day but enjoying the day. (Gasp!)

What things do you do to combat spring fever in your school?

3 Reasons Not to Push School Too Early

imagesWith the influx of early childhood programs, preschoo, and early learning classes, it is easy to get caught up in the early education whirlwind.

However, no matter how good it sounds, there are many good, well-reserached reasons why you don’t want to push school too early.

There are the 3 main reasons we have decided not to push our kids into schooling too early.

#1 – They are only young once. They have all the time in the world for formal school. Why rush it? They are learning every day, absorbing words, vocabulary, nature, people, and manners. Mastering language and developing critical thinking skills. Formal school can wait. Let them play!

#2 We want to instill a love for learning. Making them do formal schooling before they are developmentally ready and mature enough only makes them hate school, which they may or may not come out of. Why take the chance that they don’t come out of it. We want long time life-learners, not reluctant learners.

#3 We don’t need to keep up with the public school. Though there are plenty of studies showing early formal education is unnessary – that learning by play is most important, that especially in the case of bosy, early formal education can cause long term issues, the pbulic sector still wants early child care disguised as early education. I don’t need to keep up with mainstream education. So I can let my kids learn through curiosity and play. Read to them and talk with them. Let them develop their love for learning.

There are porbably a dozen more reasons to not push early formal education. These are just a few that we feel are important.

What reasons do you have to not push early education?

Online Courses and Printables – How We Use Them

AutumnSpecial-600x900Every homeschool is different. We tailor them to our needs, our lives, and our children’s individual learning styles. Our homeschool is no different.

We use many different mediums to conduct our homeschool. And it changes with what we are studying and our time of life – you know, toddler running around or babies demanding our attention can change what we need at home. This the case for us.

Right now we are utilizing some great online courses and printables through CurrClick to enhance our Classical Conversations and overall homeschool. If you are looking for some great ways to get inexpensive, quality curriculum into your homeschool, be sure to checkout CurrClick.

And starting today through (October 14, 2014) through October 21, 2014, CurrClick is having their Autumn Sale, which makes their already excellent prices even better. So if you have ever thought you would like to checkout some curriculum on CurrClick, or an online course or club, now is a great time.

Here’s what we are currently using on CurrClick:

Beginner Mandarin Chinese 1 – As my 4th grader continues her Mandarin studies, we are using an online, live course in Mandarin Chinese through CurrClick. You can read about her course here.

American Girls Club – My daughter loves American Girls and we have been enjoying the CurrClick American Girl book club for almost 3 years now.

Bats Speedy Lapbook – My son loves Bats and thought it would be fun to study about bats during the October season approach Halloween. Be sure to check out the Bats Speedy Lapbook, and some of the other fun Speedy Lapbooks on CurrClick.

Human Body Speedy Lapbooks – We are using the Human Body Speedy Lapbook series to correspond with our anatomy studies in Classical Conversations. The kids are both work on this one but our 4th grader is doing the reading to the Kindergartener. It is working out well and they are enjoying the series.

Classical Conversations Learning Activity Books – We are using A Journey Through Learning’s Cycle 3 Learning Activity Book and Junior Learning Activity Book this year to go along with our Classical Conversations memory work in the Foundations program. It is a great way to work through the memory work for each week.  They have some great holiday lapbooks and copywork books available for Thanksgiving too if you are looking for something. We did the Thanksgiving Lapbook and Study Guide last year and loved it!

Blue Diamond- The Curiosity Files from TOS – We just completed our study of Blue Diamonds with The Curiosity Files from This Old Schoolhouse. It is a great series and my daughter loved it. You can check out other Curiosity Files here. You might find one that works with what you are studying.

There are lots of great ebooks, curriculum guides, printables, lapbooks, and notebooking pages on CurrClick. Be sure to check them out if you haven’t looked into them latest. Their live classes and clubs can be a great addition to any homeschool.

Be sure to check out their great prices during their Autumn Sale – remember its only going on for 7 days and the sale will be over on October 21, 2014.


*This post contains affiliate links.

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