The Importance of your Kids Helping Around the House

kids chores clipartWhether you have one or many children, if the kids are helping around the house they aren’t just helping you but they are acquiring lifelong skills that will help them as they get older. This is important for every mom and dad to realize. And yes, my Type A personality sometimes just wants to “get it done” and not work with my youngster on the task at hand but taking some time to help my kids learn to do a task and help around the house helps in many ways besides getting the room clean or the laundry put away.

Life-Long Skills

Doing chores or helping around the house helps a child build lifelong skills that are important to their success. They learn to function outside your home. Helping you cook develops math skills (measuring), critical thinking (following directions and substituting and doubling recipes), and just plain culinary skills. What mother isn’t proud and less anxious knowing their child will be able to take care of herself or himself and their future families because they can cook, clean, and do the laundry properly.


Being able to help around the house develops self-confidence in your children. Your children will feel better about themselves when they can complete a task and know that it was done to your satisfaction. They will feel good about fixing your breakfast in the morning, doing their own laundry, or helping care for the baby. As the kids get older, they will develop a heightened sense of confidence when they know that they can take care of the house or the car or budget. All these things can be taught at home by helping mom and dad buy the groceries, change the car oil, and fix a broken door jam.

Sense of Accomplishment

Your little one will develop a sense of accomplishment as he successfully cleans up the playroom or helps you rake the leaves in the yard. Having the kids weed the garden helps them feel a part of the bigger picture of growing the vegetables and providing for the family and they will feel very accomplished that they were able to weed the garden successfully. A sense of accomplishment is important to continue to be motivated to help and feel confident to do it themselves later.

Sense of Purpose

Another things that can be developed by the kids helping around the house is their development of a sense of purpose. Knowing they have duties can give them a sense of knowing what they need to do to be a part of the family – a contributing part of the household.  Giving them chores and duties to help out is a way to develop a child’s sense of purpose. And as the kids get older, they will continue to have this sense of purpose and this will translate into their own homes someday.

There are many reasons to have your children help around the house, the least not being that they should. But imagine all the other reasons that they should help around the house and why you should enforce them helping around the house. Remember – they aren’t just getting their chores done but they are learning valuable skills to help throughout the rest of their lives.

What chores do your kids do around the house?

5 Days of Spring Schooling – #1 Spring Field Trips

springIt’s Spring!!! It’s Spring!!! This cadence has resonated through our house for a while. Let’s admit it, it’s been a LONG LONG winter. And I know that I am just as happy to see tulip bulbs popping out in the front yard and bunny rabbits hopping around everywhere. So, in light of the changing weather and the start of Spring, we will be talking about Spring Schooling for a few days.

Homeschooling in the spring can bring with it a time to embrace spring and re-energize your school with some fun spring schooling ideas.

Today we are going to talk about Spring Field Trips.

Spring is an excellent time to take field trips. The sun is out, the kids are excited to be outside, and there is a lot of opportunity to get outside with field trips. Whether you have some fun things to do around your area for cost, or just want to get the kids outside learning, Spring is an excellent time to do it regardless of your studies and your budget.

Here are some great idea for some Spring field trip options:

VISIT A FARM – Spring is an excellent time to visit a farm. The cows and sheep and chickens are having babies and everyone loves to see the baby goats and calves. This is an excellent time to learn about how farms work, do some added research on animals, or learn about the milking process. Regardless of the age of your children there is something for everyone to learn on a farm. If you don’t have a big dairy farm in your area, ask around, there may be someone with a small farm that would love some visitors. Some farms and dairies even offer older children the opportunity to work on the farm for part of the day. Why not get them some hands on experience if possible? Have your older children get extra books, do a book report on their favorite animal or a family presentation on the dairy process after you are finished.

VISIT A HONEY FARM – Spring is a great time to visit a honey farm. If you have one around your area, you won’t be disappointed. You can usually sample types of honey and see a working hive. Tours are generally available and kids can learn all about how honey is made. Those little workers bees are very inspirational and a fun trip for all ages. Don’t forget to grab some honey before you head home!

NATURE CENTER – If you have a park with a nature center, you may find that Spring is an great time to head to the nature center and see what they have to offer. Many public parks will have nature centers that offer tours and presentation on a variety of subjects as well as guides to local wildlife and what you can see on their nature trails. Consider going on a nature hike to identify local birds. This can be a fun way to get into nature, get in some exercise and not spend a dime.

WINDMILL FARM – Do you have windmills in your area? Spring is a fun time to take a windmill farm tour. You can see the windmills up close and personal (and boy are they big to your little ones) and check them out. For the older students, they can dig deeper into the wind propulsion and how wind energy works. You might even learn something. A windmill farm can be a fun fieldtrip for the whole family.

A LOCAL FLORIST – If you want something simple, why not take a field trip to a local florist. Spring is a time of new growth and beautiful flowers, why not go learn about them, look at them, smell them, and ask questions about them right in your own town. Most florists would love some eager visitors. And for your older students, have them pick a flower to take home and do some plan research on to learn about the flower. Or takes some home and everyone practice drawing them for a little art lesson.

Whether you take a hike through the park or get a group together to visit a honeybee farm close by, you will find that spring field trips are fun and refreshing after a long winter cooped up inside the house.

What is your favorite spring field trip? We would love to hear your ideas.


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Do Bloggers Pay Taxes?

taxWith so many bloggers working out there, the question comes up often…do bloggers pay taxes on their blog? The simple answer – yes.

But here’s the thing, if you blog for fun and you DO NOT BRING IN REVENUE then it’s up to you. You may not make any money, you may just be your dog’s voice on the web or love to rant in a place where you spark some conversation. In that case, you can blog your heart out and not worry about taxes.

However, if you blog about your business, blog with affiliate advertisements gleaming in your sidebars, or receive products for review or use, then you may be required to file taxes on your business of blogging.

According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), taxable income is defined as all “employee wages and fringe benefits, and [all] income from bartering, partnerships, S corporation, and royalties.”  They also state that you “have to file an income tax return if your net earnings from self-employment were $400 or more. If your net earnings from self-employment were less than $400, you still have to file an income tax return if you meet any other filing requirements listed in the Form 1040 instructions.”

So what does that mean? If you are getting any sort of income you have a business in blogging. But when you have a business that means you have business expenses. Business expenses will help you balance out your income from your blog.  What are some business expenses you might want to consider:

  • Conference Fees (did you attend a conference about your business or blog)
  • Hotel costs (if you traveled for business)
  • Mileage (related to business trips)
  • Webinars and Seminars
  • Books (that help with your product or conducting your business)
  • Website hosting fees
  • Website design fees
  • Jump drives or CDs for backup and data storage
  • Graphic design fees (for your website or marketing materials)
  • Business cards, letterhead, or other business office materials

Obviously this isn’t an all-inclusive list and you should consult your tax accountant or the IRS for further information if you have questions, but this gives you a start and definitely gives you a list of things you should consider tracking.

Well, there it is…if you are making any profit or receiving any fringe benefits, you need to file your taxes, whether you turned a profit or not. But if you filing taxes on your blogging business, make sure that you are writing off what you need to with your associated business expenses. Oh and don’t forget to keep track with receipts.

What blogging expenses do you track for your blogging business?

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